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Monday, June 4, 2012

Animatronic Dinosaurs at Aussie Museum Too Real

The first time I ever went to The American Museum of  Natural History, I was in awe of the dinosaur skeletons. I always thought they would come alive and roam the halls. Childlike curiosities always drove our interests when it came to these prehistoric beasts, but what happens when they actually do come alive? In a technical sense that is.

The Aussie Museum of Natural History's animatronic dinosaur exhibit has adults and children running for their lives lunches. They're snatching coolers out of guests hands and chasing kids around, and they've also been rumored to ride the elevator for fun.

As an adult I find these exhibits thrilling and innovative, but some of the kids in the video got more than they bargained for when they wanted to see a dinosaur up close. Nothing R-Rated I assure you, just some tearful children, unaware these creatures had more of a bite in person than on the movie screen.



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