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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Etruscan Mystery

The Etruscan's civilization was based on the celebration of art and ceramics, sexuality, and pure knowledge of all things that make one unique.  It would take centuries to explain the influence of their lives upon modern civilizations, but PastHorizons has completed an exceptional background on the Etruscans.

Using new scientific analysis and documentation as well as several projects, including the Marsiliana D’Albegna Project, which has so far uncovered a residential area of Marsiliana comprising of Poggio del Castello, Uliveto di Banditella and Poggio di Macchiabuia, Pasthorizons sheds light on a completely new aspect of Etruscan living.

At the beginning of the Iron Age, the Villanovan culture was an organic element of Etruscan society with no well-defined hierarchical structure, government or political borders. Distinct from Greek culture from which it drew profound influences, the Etruscan civilisation sprung to importance in the 8th century BCE at the end of which rich aristocracies began to emerge. Deriving influences from the eastern Mediterranean, this Orientalising period was marked by the importation of ceramics and metals.

Read the entire story: Life and Death of an Etruscan Settlement By Pasthorizons


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