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Friday, March 19, 2010

How Did the Peninsular War, the Continental System and the Invasion of Russia lead to Napoleon's downfall?

History Today gives an interesting and thorough examination, written by Graham Goodlad, about the fall of Napoleon. Napoleon's character, as well as the nature of his entire empire, led to his decline.

Some historians have detected a falling off in Napoleon’s abilities as a general from about 1809. He himself privately reflected in 1805 that ‘I will be good for six years more; after that even I must cry halt.’ Before that time had elapsed, contemporaries noted that his reactions were deteriorating and his health was often poor. A corresponding decline in the quality of his army also began to have an effect. Yet the logic of conquest drove him to embark on more or less continuous warfare. A powerful case can be made for the claim that Napoleon was ultimately responsible for his own downfall.
Read along as Graham Goodlad examines the controversial reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte as a military commander.

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RS Wing said...

Napoleon was the god of war and deserved every bit of respect he recieved, although he did seem to alienate his officers. One can only stay on top so long before technology, descent and revolution just picques and topples a great General. Great article. On another note, videos of various historical forts and monuments would be another awesome addition to the "Ancient Digger". You wield a mighty pen Lauren, as I thoroughly enjoy this site. Great work!

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