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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oxford University

Oxford is the oldest, and in my opinion, the most prestigious university in the English-speaking world. Not only had Oxford produced nine centuries of the greatest minds of our time, but it’s internationally renowned center for teaching and research attracts apprentices, students, men and women, and scholars from across the globe.

Christ Church College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
Christ Church College (where they shot Harry Potter), University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
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More than 130 nationalities are represented among a student population of over 18,000. Oxford is a collegiate university, with 39 self-governing colleges related to the University in a type of federal system. There are also seven Permanent Private Halls, founded by different Christian denominations. Thirty colleges and all halls admit students for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Seven other colleges are for graduates only; one has Fellows only, and one specializes in part-time and continuing education. Read more about Oxford University on Top Universities

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RS Wing said...

No doubt, Oxford has the most diverse and intellectual minds of our time and in the past. Just having that title as a graduate on ones resume is synonomous with knowledge and respectability. Great way to remind us all how important a fine education is to accel within life.

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