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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top Ten Posts: Sunday September 18, 2011

Find out what archaeology news and articles visitors are sharing every week on Ancient Digger. These posts are the most popular and read articles for the week, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.

  1. Top Graduate Schools, Universities, and Colleges for Archaeology and Anthropology --I have compiled several lists in order to help you determine the best archaeology colleges and universities with the best programs for archaeology, as well as the top undergraduate colleges, universities and school programs for anthropology and archaeology.

  2. The Wilderness and Scenery of Fossil Springs in Arizona--This video of Fossil Springs in Arizona has a whole Journey to the Center of the Earth vibe. Diving off the rocky cliffs and swimming up and under this amazing geological wonder makes me really appreciate the natural processes of the earth.

  3. Best Schools For Nautical, Maritime, and Underwater Archaeology in the US--Typically nautical, maritime, and underwater archaeologists study artifacts in ocean or sea environments. However, specialization usually doesn't occur until graduate school after the student has received a BS in Anthropology.

  4. Greek Architecture--The Greeks were gifted, being situated in an area with the highest quality stone. Of course the buildings that were derived from these stones were free of bronzed sculptures, polished monuments, and shrines painted with vivid colors.

  5. Greek Statues: The Classic Forms of Kourous, Kritios Boy, and Discobolus--A comparative discussion of three famous Greek statues, providing not only beauty, but insight into the culture of the time in which they were created.

  6. 30 Reasons Why You Should Become An Archaeologist--If you’re considering a field in archaeology and up to this point the only research you’ve done, is studying the Triple AAA guide to Archaeology schools or posting a question in yahoo answers about how to become an archaeologist, start reading—take it with a grain a sand if you will.

  7. The Contributions and Legacy of the Hebrews--The law would not exist without Moses, who leads the Jews out of Egypt and a 40 year tradition of slavery. Moses walks into the mountains of Sinai and then returns with the Ten Commandments, presenting them to the Israelites.

  8. The First, Second, and Third Punic Wars--Carthage was the richest state in the area, and with the influx of Carthaginians in Sicily, this made the Romans apprehensive about Carthaginian encroachment on the Italian coast. In 264, mutual suspicions drove the two powers into a struggle for the western Mediterranean. This ultimately led to the first Punic War in 264 BC, the Second Punic War with Hannibal Barca which was provoked by the alliance made with Rome and Carthage, and the Third Punic War which was caused by the broken peace treaty Carthage had made with Rome.

  9. Best Graduate Schools for Classical Archaeology--Classical archaeology is a deeply interesting subject that has enchanted researchers and students for ages. Quite simply, it is the study of archaeological excavations from Ancient Greece and Rome. However, some only consider it to be the study of the Roman and Athenian civilizations, but it can include other subjects such as Minoan and Crete civilizations.

  10. Islands at the Edge of the World – the Canaries Before the Conquest AD--Say 'Canary Islands', and most Europeans will have 'all-year-round holiday destination' leap into their minds. For many Americans, the scary phrase 'mega-tsunami' may be conjured up – courtesy of worries that the island's unstable volcanic slopes will one day collapse. But for all their modern-day familiarity as holiday-destinations – or harbingers of doom – when looked at historically, the Canary Islands were always an exotic outpost right on the edge of the map.


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