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Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Reasons Why You Should Become An Archaeologist

Sometimes it’s not about the school, money, or where you’ll move your family after you graduate. It takes a special individual to do what archaeologists do, and there are some perks and not so nice aspects of the field, but you have to be willing to sacrifice.

If you’re considering a field in archaeology, and up to this point the only research you’ve done is studying the Triple AAA guide to Archaeology schools or posting a question in yahoo answers about how to become an archaeologist, start reading—take it with a grain a sand if you will.
  1. You know Indiana Jones was a just a movie, but you still believe there was an Indiana Jones.
  2. You love history.
  3. You were always a curious kid.
  4. You don’t mind getting dirty.
  5. You like manual labor.
  6. You want to teach people about the past.
  7. You would do it for free.
  8. You believe archaeology is Not about the Money.
  9. You’ve been watching the History Channel since you were a kid and you scream at the TV when they perpetuate pseudohistory. ~Caraobrian
  10. You prefer to watch history and archaeology documentaries while having cocktails with your friends on the weekend.
  11. You tweet about #archaeology everyday, even on #FollowFriday when people are normally taking a break from archaeology. Yeah right! A break? What’s That?
  12. You think archaeology will unite and change the world.
  13. You believe you could “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.
  14. You dream about discovering Alexander the Great’s Tomb and becoming famous.
  15. You dig the attire.
  16. The education involved in becoming an archaeology is well worth it.
  17. You’re still looking for the secrets of the pyramids.
  18. You believe turning up 8 millimeters of top soil in a year is awesome!
  19. The thrill of discovery. This might mean discovering your trowel after you buried it on a dig and forgot.
  20. You don’t have to shower at field school.
  21. The food rocks in the field.
  22. You love working with tools.
  23. Archaeology allows you to use your brain on a daily basis.
  24. Guys get buff and ripped while digging. Women get a great tan and we get to look at the guys getting buff!
  25. The smell of museums and artifacts is intoxicating.
  26. While excavating a pyramid, you secretly hope you will come face to face with Amenhotep and he’ll offer to share his loot.
  27. You love the outdoors and sweating until all layers of your clothing are stuck to you.
  28. In the words of Artofmanliness, “No matter how hard they deny it, every archaeologist is a fan of Indiana Jones. Without him, our field wouldn’t seem nearly as romantic as it does. Whenever I travel to new projects I always bring at least one, if not all four Indy films with me, because it reminds me of the reasons I got into this job.”
  29. You think Archaeology is Sexy!
  30. Everyone thinks archaeologists are cool!


Amber said...

Love it! Even if a bunch of it is for humor, I still laughed at at least twenty-five out of thirty of the reasons.

Cruiselife & Co said...


Thanks for the comment Amber. Yes, I realize most of the reasons are quite humorous, but I think we can agree that many of them are true, lol.

Unknown said...

I have to admit that if this is truly how you feel then we must have known one another in a previous life ! Keep up the good work , not everyone has the gift.

Unknown said...

I'm a junior in high school and I've been considering archeology as my major for college. After reading this I have decided it will be it for sure. History class has always been my favorite class, I always watch history channel (which my friends hate), and I do love Indiana Jones. This article, for some reason, clicked with me and I now know for sure that archeology is something I wish to do.

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