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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 Posts: Sunday July 24, 2011

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  1. Top Graduate Schools, Universities, and Colleges for Archaeology and Anthropology --I have compiled several lists in order to help you determine the best archaeology colleges and universities with the best programs for archaeology, as well as the top undergraduate colleges, universities and school programs for anthropology and archaeology.

  2. 14 Wonders of the World--It’s true, the wonders of the world list is always being updated as new modern marvels rival ancient architecture. New steel bridges and skyscrapers reaching amazing heights are quite an accomplishment. Yet I still believe that the ancient structures which were originally included in the world wonder’s list still deserve a spot there.

  3. The Mystery of the Pyramids--Edward charged visitors 10 cents to tour the property, and while he guided them along their journey, allowed them to ask him questions about his Coral Castle. On many occasions, he would tell tourists that his castle was easy to build, if you know how to do it. His answers were vague and his demeanor bizarre, believing that he held the secrets to the pyramids and he would bring them to his deathbed.

  4. 30 Reasons Why You Should Be An Archaeologist--Sometimes it’s not about the school, money, or where you’ll move your family after you graduate. It takes a special individual to do what archaeologists do, and there are some perks and not so nice aspects of the field, but you have to be willing to sacrifice.

  5. Best Schools For Nautical, Maritime, and Underwater Archaeology in the US--Typically nautical, maritime, and underwater archaeologists study artifacts in ocean or sea environments. However, specialization usually doesn't occur until graduate school after the student has received a BS in Anthropology.

  6. Sounds of Prehistory--“The Sounds of Prehistory” is a performance that took place at the XXIV Valcamonica Symposium, using Paleolithic musical instruments.

  7. Brother-Sister and Father-Daughter Marriage in Ancient Egypt--Anthropologists recognize that marrying one’s sister, brother, father, or mother was quite common in Ancient Egypt. Marriage of kin functioned "to preserve the purity of the royal blood line," to keep privilege and rank rigidly within the group.

  8. Guide To Archaeology and Anthropology Graduate School 101--I recently attended a seminar featuring Dr. John Walker, Professor Peter Sinelli, and Dr.John Schultz from the University of Central Florida. The seminar focused on the Do's and Don'ts of applying to graduate school for archaeology and anthropology and was organized by Hominids Anonymous Anthropology Club.

  9. Greek Architecture--The Greeks were gifted, being situated in an area with the highest quality stone. Of course the buildings that were derived from these stones were free of bronzed sculptures, polished monuments, and shrines painted with vivid colors.

  10. Legacy of Alexander the Great--Alexander the Great assumed throne after his father Philip II of Macedonia was assassinated in 336 BC. Alexander had the philosophical ideals of Aristotle and possessed experience as a warrior which ultimately prepared him to conquer the known world.


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