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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Amazing Stories of Cracking Hitler’s Unbreakable Code

Mr Ghaz says "In 1940 Enigma revealed that Hitler had abandoned Operation Sea Lion, his planned invasion of Britain; the next year Enigma helped British warships destroy the battleship Bismarck. When British and American commanders discovered Rommel’s plans, Allied bombers were able to destroy some of the ships carrying Rommel’s troops to North Africa. And in 1944, thanks to Enigma, the Allies knew that the Germans expected the main D-Day invasion forces to land at Calais, not Normandy – and learned exactly what opposition would be waiting for them…The breaking of the Enigma code remained a secret until late 1970’s; even to this day, many details of the equipment and techniques used are not known." Read more about the unbreakable Hitler codes


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the interesting info and link. I'm surprised we don't hear more about the Enigma codes. There are so many documentaries and films about World War II that never mention their role.

Cruiselife & Co said...

I remember hearing about this many years ago from my grandfather. I guess I never understood it as a child, however now it makes sense as to why he got away with so much.

Rhett said...

Information is the key to war. My dad loves to get into strategy and war stories. He told me about the Enigma. What an advantage to know what your enemy was doing. I am surprised that they were able to keep it a secret for so long. Yea good guys! There was a sub movie with Matthew MacConaughey called u-571. The mission was to capture something like the Enigma.
Rhett Out

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