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Monday, March 8, 2010

Noravank Monastery in Armenia


Noravank Monastery in nestled in a narrow gorge made by the Darichay river, nearby the city of Yeghegnadzor, Armenia. Noravank was founded in 1205 by Bishop Hovhannes, the former Abbot of Vahanavank. It’s a splendid piece of archaeology including the church of Saint. Karapet, Saint. Grigor, and the church of Sainr. Astvatsatsin.

Noravank monastery

Facade narrow steps of S. Astvatsatsin church of Noravank

There are several cross-bearing carved memorial steles covered with rosettes and botanical motifs, otherwise known as khachkars, inside and outside the buildings. The monastery itself was the residence of the Orbelian princes, well known as a major feudal family during the 12th century.

by © sweetguyka


Rick (Ratty) said...

I think those slabs in the first picture are really beautiful. These old places, in my opinion, are some of the most beautiful structures in the world.

flipnomad said...

wow! the pictures look amazing... armenia seems to be off the beaten path when it comes to traveling but i think its definitely worth a visit.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It gives the impression of being fairly isolated and apart from modern life. It's exactly the sort of place I'd love to visit, off the neaten track.

RS Wing said...

Wow! What an incredible Monastery. Love to visit this one, a great write and read.

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