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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top Ten Posts: September 4, 2011

Find out what archaeology news and articles visitors are sharing every week on Ancient Digger. These posts are the most popular and read articles for the week, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.

  1. Top Graduate Schools, Universities, and Colleges for Archaeology and Anthropology --I have compiled several lists in order to help you determine the best archaeology colleges and universities with the best programs for archaeology, as well as the top undergraduate colleges, universities and school programs for anthropology and archaeology.
  2. The Wilderness and Scenery of Fossil Springs in Arizona--This video of Fossil Springs in Arizona has a whole Journey to the Center of the Earth vibe. Diving off the rocky cliffs and swimming up and under this amazing geological wonder makes me really appreciate the natural processes of the earth.
  3. Petra and the Bible--The highly publicized area of Petra has more significance than its modern-day use as a beautiful tourist location that many refer to as the rock-built “rose red” city. Although famously portrayed in such movies as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Arabian Nights, and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, the red city has deep roots in Biblical archaeology.
  4. A Cursed Tomb and Colin’s Mummy--Using complicated tools to open the tomb and a strict scientific approach, the mummy is unleashed. Who knew the Egyptians had cured baldness or that mummies were from Canada!
  5. Petoskey Stones Are Archaeological Artifacts--The Petoskey Stone is just one example of how sea life through history, captured in fossilized form, can provide insight into archaeological history. More specifically, Native Indian trade and tool making.
  6. Best Graduate Schools for Classical Archaeology--Classical archaeology is a deeply interesting subject that has enchanted researchers and students for ages. Quite simply, it is the study of archaeological excavations from Ancient Greece and Rome. However, some only consider it to be the study of the Roman and Athenian civilizations, but it can include other subjects such as Minoan and Crete civilizations.
  7. Greek Architecture--The Greeks were gifted, being situated in an area with the highest quality stone. Of course the buildings that were derived from these stones were free of bronzed sculptures, polished monuments, and shrines painted with vivid colors.
  8. Best Schools For Nautical, Maritime, and Underwater Archaeology in the US--Typically nautical, maritime, and underwater archaeologists study artifacts in ocean or sea environments. However, specialization usually doesn't occur until graduate school after the student has received a BS in Anthropology.
  9. US Archaeology and Anthropology Schools and their Disciplines--created this comprehensive list of Archaeology and Anthropology Schools in the United States and their Disciplines to assist students looking into the fields of anthropology and archaeology.
  10. Planes used during World War I--Although Kitty Hawk North Carolina would become home to the first manned flight of human kind, the Germans would take these physical parameters into a whole new realm. As the skies offered another battlefield in which to kill and mame, countries that did not embrace this new arena were quickly left behind.


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