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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

University of Pennsylvania SAFE Tour of the Egyptian Collection

May 3, 2011--Keep your schedule wide open as the SAFE Tour begins on May 7th  at 2pm at the University of Pennsylvania Museum with Dr. Jane Hill, Egyptologist, and researcher in the Egyptian Section.

Offering a unique insider’s view of museum collections, SAFE Tours examine the meaning of ancient objects in today’s modern world of collecting and cultural heritage preservation. Unlike any other museum tour, SAFE Tours ask questions. In asking these provocative questions, in the presence of the objects themselves, SAFE Tours tell the story of the foundation of great antiquities collections, the changing trends in museum acquisition policies and heritage law and the unexpected ways certain objects were acquired. SAFE Tours explore these questions in order to raise awareness about the vulnerability of our shared cultural heritage.

The tour of the Penn Museum’s Egyptian collection will highlight finds from excavations the museum has sponsored or conducted, including the sites of Abydos, Memphis and Dendereh. The tour will emphasize how ongoing field research is serving to enhance our understanding of material collected at the turn of the 20th century. Unlike material that is purchased on the antiquities market, often collected merely for its aesthetic qualities, the Penn Museum collection provides a richer and more nuanced understanding of how the ancient Egyptians inhabited their everyday existence as well as their conceptual world. Dr. Hill will also discuss the unfolding situation in Egypt today regarding the administration and care for sites and antiquities.

Jane Hill holds a doctorate in Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She also holds masters degrees in anthropology and art history/Egyptology from the University of Memphis. She has excavated and performed epigraphy work on archaeological projects at the sites of Giza, Abydos, and Karnak Temple. At her project site of el-Amra she discovered evidence of a Predynastic Egyptian town. In the United States, Ms. Hill has experienced excavating Native American sites of the Mississippian Period in the southeast.

Currently Dr. Hill teaches anthropology, archaeology and environmental studies at Rowan University. Her research interests include co-evolution of major elite cemeteries and urbanism in Egypt's formative period and, the early development of Egyptian administrative and writing systems. She has published a monograph on her research entitled Cylinder Seal Glyptic in Predynastic Egypt and Neighboring Regions.

SAFE Tours are $25, $10 for students with valid ID INCLUDING group admission to the museum. To order tickets online: http://www.savingantiquities.org/whatwedosafetoursHill.php


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