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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

History of Libraries

Anytime I find myself at a library, I tend to migrate to the darkest, dungeon like area, filled with leather bound books and quiet enough to hear a pin drop. However, did you ever stop and wonder how those books surrounding you got there is the first place? The History of Libraries never really dawned on me until I checked out a book that hadn't left the library since 1956.

This particular article by Louise Baker about the History of Libraries Through the Ages is definitely the  most extensive history I've seen on the net, so for that, thanks Louise.

Archeologists have spent centuries pulling together bits and pieces of history about our past. As a result of their research, they have managed to find what seems to be proof of the first libraries located in ancient Egypt. Most of their conclusions were drawn from the information gathered by previous thinkers, philosophers and scientists who visited Egypt and were able to gather proof of documents found throughout the country in safe places equipped to store the documents.

In the paper, The Library in Ancient Egypt, Cairo University professor Dr. Abdel-Halim Nureddin explained that these safe places could only be described as libraries in that they required “classification, presentation and staff (librarians and many others)” just as modern libraries do today.

Read MoreHistory of Libraries Through the Ages By Louise Baker

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