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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's a Reason to Stop Building on Burial Grounds

I remember watching the 1982 movie The Poltergeist when the graves of Indians appeared out of the wet, rainy mud. Totally freaky at the time! Of course, what can you expect when you build your abode over an  ancient Indian burial site. So where did Miami’s mega-developer Jorge Perez build his largest project? Exactly where he shouldn’t have: atop an ancient Indian burial site.

The curse of the Miami Circle is unfolding before our eyes. The latest news is that Perez and his partners have been forced to return a majority of the $1 billion ICON Brickell complex to its lenders.

Read More on The Curse of the Ancients  via Biscayne Times

Archaeologist Bob Carr (left) at the Miami Circle site in 1999. Photo courtesy of HistoryMiami

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Richard Wing said...

There is no doubt a pattern in history of these kinds occurences. "The Curse of the Ancients" from the biscayne times is just one of many accounts of planning or building domains on burial grounds, and the results can be horrific to mild occurences. I was personally reminded of this when working on a huge mansion here in NY. A wealthy British couple decided to buy and build on an ancient Indian burial ground atop of a small mountain. The mansion was and still is plagued with disasterous and costly repairs. The pool house collapsed, the ceilings in their media room collapsed and no amount of repairs would ever sustain. It was just one problem after another. All of our construction mates wondered why these sort of "accidents" would occur. A local, who is a contractor, was aware of this region and told us that this mansion was directly on top of an ancient burial ground. He found arrow heads and other artifacts and I'm convinced he was right, because this mansion is still struck by strange activity that's just unexplainable. I can definitely relate to this post. Wild and scary incidents, for sure!

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