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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Archaeological Find Near the Ohio River

This was a thrilling story for me to find, especially considering Ohio is my home state. Archaeologists have been doing some preliminary digging along the Ohio River in a parking lot, that I presume, is in the process of being repaved or moved.

Dr. Karen Neimal, who has extensive knowledge about the archaeology on the Cincinnati waterfront, describes the buildings found as having cut limestone walls , brick floors, and dating back to the 19th century. She also found a 1880 penny laying on the foundation, stoneware pottery, local beer bottles, and bicycle wheels.

The foundations discovered belong to a set of three story buildings and are located on Race and Water Street. What has been uncovered is only a small fraction of Lot D along the waterfront, and I look forward to seeing what else turns up.

Check out more on the Find near the Ohio River on YouTube

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Mike Golch said...

now that is cool!
I had forgotten that you are a buckeye,I now have you listed in my Buckeye blog roll.

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