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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The American and French Revolutions: Their Influence on the Last Two Centuries

Although interpretations of both the American and French Revolution vary, there is still a spectrum of thought that includes the belief that one was more influential than the other. However, the American Revolution has been characterized not as a “revolution”, but as a shift of government from distant to local. Therefore, radical changes that emerged from radical events greatly impacted world affairs. The American Revolution brought about peoples “natural rights”, republicanism-neither good nor bad, and a system of laws that were chosen by the people. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that the French Revolution introduced a platform of laissez-faire reforms in Europe during the 19th century and remain today as simplistic forms of democracy.

Read More about the American and French Revolutions on Factoidz By Lauren Axelrod

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Rick (Ratty) said...

This is such a good coincidence for me. I just happened to be discussing both of these revolutions yesterday. There were some great similarities and some great differences in these two events. Our own system of government was greatly influenced by French ideas from the time.

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