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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ohio Decalogue Stone: The Ten Commandment Rendition

How odd to find out that a rare tablet was discovered not far from where I used to live in Ohio. The Ohio Decalogue Stone, sometimes called the Ten Commandment Stone, was discovered in Ohio by archaeologists during the excavation of a cairn in 1860.

They also found a wooden casket with a skeleton inside, however when they opened up the casket, the skeleton crumbled into pieces. Inside the casket was the stone, enclosed in a cemented casing with the Hebrew language carved along the edges.

This video is both bizarre and surprising, especially when you take into account that some of the Archaeologists that discovered the stone deemed it as a fake, and others believed it was tied to Moses. Their explanation, although seemingly it might have made sense to them, was that no one was in Ohio before Christopher Columbus discovered it. For that matter, why would a Hebrew artifact be buried in Ohio in the first place?


Bob Johnson said...

What a cool and bizarre find.

Sally said...

Seems far too specific to be true and thanks for sharing.

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