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Friday, July 24, 2009

Photomicrographs and Macro Photos of the Most Astounding Igneous Rocks

What is an Igneous Rock?

Most rocks are aggregates of crystals or grains of one or more minerals. The minerals that make up the structure of an igneous rock can be quite small, although they are still able to be identified.

Ever since the beginning of the Earth, rocks have been the eyes and ears of evolution. Their experiences have been solidly held in a tight capsule, only to be later examined by geologists and researchers. Read More about Igneous Rocks


Cruiselife & Co said...

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Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting, I like your new look. Having trouble posting the comment because the word verification only H shows half the word.

Anonymous said...
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Cruiselife & Co said...

I;ll look into that Bob. Thanks

Ken Casey said...

I like your approach to geology topics. :-)

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