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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

130 Million Year Old Mistake: One of the First Dinosaurs

B Nelson, a wonderfully talented writer, reminisces about becoming an Archaeologist as a child. However, digging in the dirt in the dead heat of the afternoon wasn't exactly her idea of a swell time. Nonetheless, she still remained interested in the field, recently writing a gripping tale of one of the first dinosaurs ever found.

Although Iguanodon lived 130 million years ago, we pick up in 1822. When somebody found some teeth in Sussex, in South East England. Now, nobody can be sure who found the teeth, initially it was said that Mary Ann Mantell found them along a roadside, later her husband, Gideon Mantell, a fossil hunter, claimed it was he who found them. This was one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered and recognized as something important.
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