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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Introducing the Ancient Digger Monday Ground Up

All of you know the Ancient Digger is a way for me to explore the realm of Archaeology. It's all new to me, as well as many of you. It's a learning process and so I have decided to start with the basics of Archaeology.

Every Monday I will be featuring articles from all over the web about the beginnings of Archaeology. I have several guest writers from Triond, as well as many other personal friends that own and operate blogs geared toward Archaeology and Science.

This Monday will be a review in Mayan Civilizations: The Evolution. There will be several articles posted, along with travel journals and photography to outline this particular culture in history.

My main purpose for doing this is to share everyone's experiences in this field of study. More importantly, when students begin their studies in Archaeology, the Mayan culture is one of the first topics studied.


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