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Friday, April 24, 2009

Five End of the World Scenarios

Several years ago I was sitting in my Geology class and my professor was telling a tale of the world’s end. The basic scenarios consisted of a large tidal wave swallowing Florida; the earth bursting into flames; and polarity reversal which would leave the earth open to solar flares. Well, none of these stories were making me feel any better, but the truth it, these stories do exist, and predictions for these events exist as well. Are they true? I believe the stories exist to give scientists a answer for certain environmental events that have occurred and need some sort of explanation.


One of the most famous individuals in history to predict these happenings was Nostradamus. Nostradamus was said to decode the Bible, introducing prophecies that have outlined major world events, including the end of the world. He would use trance and meditation to arrive at certain predictions hidden in the words of the Bible.

predictions made by Nostradamus about the Bible

However, since historians believe that the Bible is 6000 years old, and NASA and Astrophysicists date the earth to billions of years old, I hardly believe that the predictions made by Nostradamus about the Bible could be completely true.



earth on fire


The latest blockbuster natural disaster movie called “Knowing” is about solar flares that will penetrate the earth, destroying every life form in existence, except for the children that are transported to another planet by aliens that warned earthlings 50 years prior through a telepathic child named Ursala. Well, at least the solar flares are true.

Global Warming

global warming

Global Warming

Global warming is the same sort of scenario, yet humans are only 10% of the problem and what’s been done can not be changed. The glaciers, ice burgs, and caps will melt, and the depth of the ocean will rise causing flooding worldwide. In this event, will humans be able to survive an even warmer world?

Polarity Reversal

Polarity Reversal

Polarity Reversal

Every 200,000 years, the earth goes through a shift of polarity. If you pick up a compass at the time that this is happening, it will no longer point North. The idea behind this is, the magnetic shield around the earth is weakening when polarity reversal is taking place, leaving us open to the harsh solar winds and other strong atmospheric pressure and particles from space.

Mega Wave

Mega Wave

Mega Wave

Geologists have been studying models of previous eruptions and have come to an alarming discovery. If part of the mass structure of the volcano slides into the ocean, it will create a Mega-tsunami close to 900 m. high, moving 500 miles an hour, and measuring 1000 ft waves.

A Massive Meteor

Massive Meteor

Massive Meteor

This scenario is of no surprise considering it came from previous historical events of dinosaur extinction. People believe that it’s the will of the earth to start over, wiping out all species to create a new life form that will inherit the earth. It sounds bizarre I know, but if you follow the history of the earth, which is dated over 2 billion years old, you will see that catastrophic events have reshaped the planet overtime.

And so the theories of the end will remain unanswered, but one thing is certain. Life has evolved over time, and if it is the will of the earth to start over, there will be no way to stop it.


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