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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quality 2

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a fascinating blog here, I'm glad you stopped by mine also. A friend of yours (maybe your fiance?) sent me your springs post on StumbleUpon and I loved it. Now I see you have posts on many traditions that fascinate me - Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Druids, as well as natural wonders. I will come back and read more...

Sandy said...

Dropping by on several accounts. First to drop via EC, secondly made my way here, recognized the name of your blog right after joining, installing, the travel widget thing. Hoping you can answer some questions for me, as this is all very new to me and I'm not real tech savy. I see we each have a number, indicates when we joined which member we are and where on the widget slide we appear. I can't go beyond the first 20 on the widget from my page. Shouldn't I be able to view all? In order to visit some of the pages beyond just the first 20 that joined? Could you take a look and see if I'm not doing something right? Does the rotation on the widget change so that a different group of 20 show up each time one views the page? How are the others seen?

Also, when given the option to add a picture I only had the option to add via an url, rather than something from my computer, so I just passed that by. Is that something I should change? Post a picture somewhere and get it via an url? I noticed the little picture that shows up on what I think is like a profile page is the badge I have that says I comment back. Does it automatically select whatever is in that portion of the blog to be visible?

I ask alot of questions, hope thats ok. I tend to learn that way. Looking at your page, it appears to me you have a good understanding of things, and thus...I thought I'd ask you.

Thanks in advance
Look forward to your visit, welcome mats always out.
your settings only allow for the generic google ID thing so leaving my url here http://travelingsuitcase.blogspot.com/

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