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Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking for Field School, Archaeology and Anthropology Field Opportunities

I just started researching this area and I have found so many wonderful resources on the net for graduate students, kids, and undergrads.

I was surfing on the Archaeological Institute of America and I was trying to get a sense of the prices and arrangements that needed to be made.

Of course, since I'm not quite to this point yet, I wanted to share with others that may have the resources and credentials available to visit these dig sites.

Please check out the Field Work Page For an up to date listing of the lasted Field Opportunities.


Mandy said...

One day I want to volunteer in Rwanda or another such African country. I have no money to do it now through!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for the cool links, maybe one day.

Sandy said...

Thanks for your help with the picture and explanation of the widget, appreciate it. Always thought one needed lots and lots of patients to do these types of digs. Years ago I got to watch a little of an ancient Indian Ruin in a National or State Park...think it was a State Park when we were camping. Very interesting.

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