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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rum Times Celebrates Four Centuries of Brewing Excellence

This post brought to you by Rums of Puerto Rico . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Ancient Digger.

Picture this! Schools out on May 30th, and you come aboard a ship gently rocking at the Port of San Juan. It’s Puerto Rico, home to some of the world’s most honored traditions and culture, which is why I’m heading there on June 6th for my first cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Technically, my husband and I don’t leave until June 7th, but we thought we’d enjoy a tour of old San Juan. Everything I’d ever known about Puerto Rico was from my father, who traveled there many years before. He often describes his tours of the town, as well as the local distilleries, which have been distilling rum for over four decades, making the island the Rum Capital of the World.

On every cruise voyage I’ve taken over the past two years, rum seems to be the drink of choice, and coveted souvenir for many travelers, including myself. Although many of us enjoy this libation, we tend to know little about its origins. The web series Rum Times, seeks to share the history of this luxury, which has been around for centuries. Did you know that Puerto Rican rum represents 70% of the rum consumed in the Unites States? This means that some of the most widely known and celebrated brands of rum, which I’m sure have always held a prominent place in your social gatherings, include brands like Bacardi, Don Q, Ron del Barrilito, Ron Llave and Palo Viejo.

You’ll be celebrating and chanting “It’s Rum Time” while you enjoy the new easily accessible web series with a cool and satisfying drink, that’s one of the best I’ve ever experienced.  Just imagine you’re celebrating your latest promotion, or your friend’s engagement, with one of your favorite rum drinks.  Why is it that we celebrate those times with cocktails that bring us to the cool sands and rippling waters of the Puerto Rican coast? Well, it’s because that’s how the greatest minds celebrated their successes.  In Rum Times first few episodes, it explains the great inventions of Thomas Alva Edison, Joseph Swan, and Nikola Tesla, detailing such inventions such as the incandescent light bulb and also the camera. Perhaps these inventors celebrated in much the same way as we do, with a class of Puerto Rican rum. After all, “behind every great milestone, there’s a great party”.

If you love rum, but are also interested in it’s origins and it’s place in history, visit www.itsrumtime.com to learn more, and watch the new web series. Share your thoughts on the new series promoting Puerto Rican Rum below. 

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