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Monday, June 23, 2014

Archaeology News: June 23, 2014

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Archaeologists Return to Ancient Megiddo

Archaeologists are now onsite at Tel Megiddo, in northern Israel, to continue large-scale excavations at what has often been called the "crown jewel" of archaeological sites of the Levant, or Eastern Mediterranean region. Led by well-known archaeologists Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University and Eric Cline of the George Washington University, a team of archaeologists, students, volunteers and other specialists will be excavating where they left off in 2012, when they encountered a large building featuring 18 pillars dated to the Iron Age IIA period, (around 1000 BCE). South of the building they uncovered a hoard of six iron daggers and two bronze bowls, dating to the Iron Age I (1200 - 1000 BCE).

New finds suggest Civil War camp survives

Archaeologists searching for evidence of a landmark Civil War refugee slave camp opened up a new trench last week, adding to the unexpectedly rich catalog of nearly 200 features that have been unearthed since the downtown dig began almost a month ago.

Digging up the history of graffiti in Australia

From convicts to drovers, to today's street artists, graffiti has a long history in Australia and archaeologists are only starting to study it as a continuous body of work. Australians have been etching their thoughts on walls since Indigenous people began drawing on rocks and caves. Archaeologist Ursula Frederick, from the Australian National University, is one of a group of archaeologists collecting the evidence. She has an interest in contemporary graffiti, but has also spent time surveying graffiti at the former Quarantine Station at Sydney's North Head.

Archaeologists reveal treasures found on farm

Artifacts shown to the public at Ridgeway Farm Archaeology Day on Saturday have revealed the farm was the home of a small, poor family more than 2,000 years ago. As Wessex Archaeology began to wind down its operation at the site, Taylor Wimpey invited residents to see what had been found during pre-construction surveys. Excavations have revealed a self-contained farmstead dating from the Iron Age, which ran from 700BC to 100BC.

Further calls for Time Team special to commemorate death of archaeologist Mick Aston

Thousands of Time Team fans have launched a campaign for a special episode of the archaeology programme to be created in memory of former expert Mick Aston.

6,200-Year Old Parasite

Archaeologists have uncovered ancient evidence of infection by a parasitic worm that causes schistosomiasis, a disease that ails millions of people today.The eggs of the parasitic worm were found in a child's skeleton, unearthed in northern Syria, which was deemed to be more than 6,200 years old. The archaeologists said the parasite's eggs were lodged in the pelvic area of the child's skeleton.

Archaeologists seek to solve 400 year old mystery in Plymouth Burial Hill

A team of archaeologists is digging through the sand at the bottom of Burial Hill, hopes set on unlocking a mystery that has intrigued researchers for generations.

After 450 Years, Archaeologists Still Hunting for Magnificent Sultan’s Heart

Was the Ottoman sultan's heart buried on a battlefield nearly 450 years ago? Archaeologists are trying to find out.

Archaeologists hail "magical moment" as rare Roman gold coin found at Vindolanda

Archaeologists thought they had more chance of winning the lottery than finding a gold coin at the Roman site of Vindolanda – until a volunteer from France struck lucky

Archaeologists hope they will discover the 'elusive' Whitefriars beneath Gloucester Bus Station

The remains of the Medieval Whitefriars Friary, which was founded in 1268, is thought to be buried deep beneath the city’s bus station.


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