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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Archaeologists investigate medieval chapel in Edinburgh

Archaeologists have discovered a fragment of floor tile from high status medieval Scots and a circular, stone-lined well while searching in Edinburgh for the remains of a chapel built almost 500 years ago.

Extensive research suggests the chapel, built by Sir Simon Preston in 1518 and created to rest the “souls” of James III and IV, still lies beneath the "unassuming" buildings of Bridgend Farm.

A medieval church font was found by a former owner of the land, and an archaeological survey last year resulted in a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for a fuller investigation.

“The excavations unearthed clues which prove there was activity in the area at the time the chapel was constructed and in use,” said a spokesperson for Rubicon Heritage, who collaborated with an enthusiastic group of volunteers from the Greater Liberton Heritage Project.

“A fragment of possible medieval floor tile indicates a building of high status in the area – showing that it is not just a farm building.

“Pottery from one trench shows even earlier activity during the 13th and 14th centuries, demonstrating the area was utilised before the establishment of the chapel.

“One of the most exciting features discovered was located in Trench 2 – a circular stone-lined medieval well which could pre-date the chapel.”

The trenches have now been backfilled ahead of analysis work on the finds by experts, with the team hoping to conduct future excavations at the site.



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