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Friday, January 11, 2013

Twitter Users Speak out: 21 Items Archaeologists Can't Live Without on a Dig

Ancient Digger's Twitter followers are the best. Leave it to them to come up with some funny and completely accurate items that archaeologists can not live without on dig.

As for me, I had a hard time deciding.  I like a good bandanna and comfortable shoes. I have these awesome Columbia hiking shoes that are great in the dirt, but what else?

Ok, so, have you seen my hair? It's like Repunzel length, so I would have to say 20 bobby pins, a good hair tie, and maybe some mascara. Yes I said it, mascara. There's no reason to go into the field not looking your best, lol! I like being dirty, but I like being pretty while I'm getting dirty. That sounded dirty, lol.

  1. Patience! @Rockhunter710 , Team Hartman
  2. Handkerchiefs to their noses filled with earth ... iughhhhhhhhh!!! :P #archaeology. @zoraxhm
  3. Good Scotch  @AinslieCogswell
  4. Sharpies, trowels, and toilet paper @kbiittner 
  5. On a scorching, hot, summers day, gotta have water in a trench!... I always miss post holes without :( haha! @willsmith700
  6. I'm ok with Sharpies, but tape measures! The ability they have to vanish has left me baffled for years! @willsmith700
  7. Thermos of whisk- uh, coffee. @AccessArtefacts 
  8. A nearby pub!! ;) @xCharliBobx
  9. Comfortable shoes, a pen that isn't clogged up with dust/mud, some filthy jokes, a perfectly vertical baulk wall. @lshipley805
  10. A spray bottle with water is a must have for wall profiles (esp in rock shelters with low light) @kbiittner 
  11. Mascara. I like being dirty, but I like being pretty while I'm getting dirty. @Ancientdigger
  12. Well tea at a push but obviously a glass or three of real ale would be better , but LOTS of cake naturally :) @tesschwarz
  13. A sense of history, a feeling of déjà vu. @thampuran
  14. Pants! Also, brambles. Shorts won't hack it.! @processarch
  15. Kneepads and insect repellant. @SusanLlewellyn
  16. A sense of humor!! @thetimetribe 
  17. Change of underwear, maybe ten
  18. A sports bra. Gotta keep these babies in tact!
  19. Sunscreen or Banana boat Oil. Choose your poison!
  20. A knife. You'd be surprised how often we can't find one. ‏@JRyme
  21. My Marshalltown of course.

So what is that you as an archaeologist can't live without on a dig? Even if you're not an archaeologist, what do you think they can't live without?


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