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Friday, July 13, 2012

Need a Laugh? Funniest Archaeology Comics And Photos

We all know that archaeology is slow, dirty, and most of the time, boring. It’s not like the Indiana Jones movies we watched prior to taking 8 years out of our lives, and spending those years immersed in a pile of dirt or pit of dusty artifacts. It’s just not that exciting. Yet, there’s such a humorous side to digging, and a genuine sarcasm that many non archaeologists don’t always understand. That’s why we have comics.

Comics tell us everything we need to know about the past in the funniest and most inaccurate way possible. So without further ado, enjoy these comedic and sublime depictions of a field I like to call “the archaeology of sarcastic comedy and devilish humor”.

Have a great weekend Ancient Diggers!

© Funny Junk

© Funny Junk
© Funny Junk

Archaeologist and the Trowel
Dimension 11:11

Theosophical Ruminations


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