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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Underground Railroad at a Central Indiana Cabin

Anthropologists are searching for the Underground Railroad at a 19th century cabin in Hamilton County. Beside the cabin, the handle of a trowel points towards the sun, the sharp end firmly tucked in the ground.

Anthropologist Chris Glidden explains the uses of different types of rocks found on the Boxley property in Sheridan. Glidden has been digging on the land for five years and expects to continue for another five. Photo by Timothy Cox, The Statehouse File. Anthropologist Chris Glidden takes a step back from her work to observe what may be an unearthed path to the Underground Railroad.

Glidden, a senior lecturer at Indiana-Purdue, Indianapolis, began her career digging fence post holes. But for the past five years, she’s limited her digging to the land surrounding Boxley Cabin, the home of abolitionist George Boxley.

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Via State House File


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