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Friday, July 17, 2009

Silchester: Exciting Pre-Roman Finds From an Archaeologist’s Point of View

New discoveries are always amazing for any Archaeologist, and Emma CS shares one of her personal experiences in Silchester where she was able to explore Calleva Atrebatum, a Roman town from 1st century AD. However, after years of digging in the dirt, which both Emma and I love, there has been a new discovery of Iron Age pieces.

Since 1997 archaeologists from Reading University, lead by Micheal Fulford, have been digging on a windswept hill near to the modern village of Silchester as part of the extraordinary “Silchester Town Life project. In 2007 I was lucky enough to be involved in the dig myself, as the project also serves as an opportunity to teach students the processes necessary in practical archaeology. When the local news reported some exciting new finds at the site I was intrigued. So what have they found and why is it important? Read More


Cruiselife & Co said...

Testing Moderation, testing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece. Interesting and educational.

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