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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eroticism, Eros, and Sex in Pompeii

Imagine, my first video making experience in IMovie is centered around erotic art in Pompeii. I created the project for a Sex and Antiquity class and my goal was to share a side to Pompeii that many people mention in passing, but very few like to talk about the details openly.

This mini documentary is a culmination of sexual artifacts kept in the secret room in the Naples National Archaeological Museum, as well as an explanation of eros and ancient sexual practices.

Warning: This movie contains explicit sexual materials and artifacts.



Mary Gunderson


Mary Harrsch
The Golden Rule
The Naples Archaeological Museum
scruff monkey (flickr.com/photos/cathalm/)


Sacred Texts
Colonel Fanin. The Secret Erotic Paintings: Pictures and Descriptions of Classical Erotic


Jim O'Donnell said...

Very well done. Not only is my archaeological interest sparked.....

Jim Ether said...

Thank you for introducing this topic online! I'm beginning my own studies in sexuality and gender archaeology, and finding actual research and information not bogged down with ridiculous and uninformed commentary is rare and extremely valuable. I hope you'll continue to reveal more on similar topics in the future. (And great job with your first iMovie attempt.)

Cruiselife & Co said...

@Jim Ether

Thanks so much for the kind words. This was an exciting project for me and I believe my classmates were in shock when they watched the video. Like you, sexuality, especially the sex lives of the ancients, has always peaked my interest. It's a taboo subject for many, but it's an adventure for me to reveal something I never knew before.

I also wrote an article about this topic, you may have already read it, located here: http://www.ancientdigger.com/2012/05/pompeii-erotic-art-and-roman-sexuality.html

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