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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Secret behind the Slate At Nevern Castle

Archaeologists involved in a recent excavation on the site of Nevern Castle in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park believe the markings on the slates, dating back more than 800 years, indicate some ritualistic methods of warding off evil.

The slates were discovered at the site’s 12th century cut-stone entranceway by archaeologist Dr Chris Caple who said: “These inscribed slates are really interesting. They were found in only one place in the castle and were probably intended to ward off evil.”

Archaeologists said the scratched markings are interesting for several reasons, but mainly because of the rarity.

“Scratched images from the medieval world are rare, and we can confidently date these to the period 1170-1190 when the stone phase of Nevern Castle was built,” added Dr Caple.

Archaeologists uncover slate at Nevern Castle 'that kept evil spirits as bay'. --WalesOnline


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