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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Archaeology at Trent University

Obtaining a B.S. in Archaeology is a challenge in the United States, as most institutions offer only MS or PhD graduate programs. Most students will spend years obtaining a B.S in Anthropology, with the intention of furthering their studies in archaeology. This is what makes Trent University in Ontario, Canada, stand apart from other universities and colleges.

Trent University archaeology

Trent University has an archaeology program that provides students with basic training in the practical and theoretical aspects of archaeological research within Anthropology and within Classical studies. No, this is not a graduate program, but a B.A. program.

Like many anthropology students in their first year, courses will include archaeological field methods and laboratory techniques. Trent University, however, also combines the archaeology of the different regions of the world, and comparative archaeological studies on topics such as state formation, warfare, and more, in their B.A. program.

As a Trent University archaeology student, you’ll have the option of not one but two different degrees: an Honours B.Sc. in Archaeology or an Honours B.A. in Archaeology with a specialization in Anthropological or Classical Archaeology.

Dr. Jennifer Moore, an associate professor at Trent University, keys us in on the basics of the archaeology program. For any of you considering schools in Canada, make sure to check out the degrees available here.

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