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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Psychic Archaeology?

It’s a topic of hot debate. Many people refute any opinions of archaeologists who employ psychics to find artifacts, or history channels who perpetuate it. The science-a term used loosely my many- isn’t disappearing anytime soon. However, do you really know the history of Psychic archaeology (pseudo archaeology) and the individuals who used it as early as the 15th century?

Psychic archaeology, or “intuitive” archaeology, is the process of using psychic abilities to locate objects of centuries past. This recently charted path may open our possibilities to discovering new and interesting histories in the human race. Whereas conventional archaeology practices can draw the objects, buildings, and even people fourth, psychic archaeology can bring life and a sense of being to these discoveries and how they play into ancient people’s lives.


From these re-routed stories we can learn more about our species past, and in turn learn more about ourselves. Psychic archaeology was brought to the mainstream by J. Norman Emerson, a highly renowned Canadian Archaeologist. His interest in this new idea was looked at with a bit of snide judgment at first. But like a true scientist he kept studying, not to find the results that he was looking for, but to find a pattern. Eventually, with psychic George McMullen, J. Norman Emerson uncovered many discoveries that might not have been discovered if not for McMullen’s abilities.

There are several different methods psychic archaeologists use to uncover the past’s mysteries. Dowsing, the ancient practice of discovering earthed things such as water and metal, has been recorded as being practiced as early as the 15th century. It is utilized by intuitive diggers to find electromagnetic photo-fields, which is said to radiate from man-made object of six months or older. This is done using either metal rods, or various types of branches. The dowsing rod or branch moves in accordance to the desired object, leading the treasure hunter to the desired object. This method was used by psychic archaeologist Karen Hunt, as she studied the practice in her Master’s thesis. This practice was even used in the military in attempts to find underground explosive devices.

McMullen, however, used the ability of psychometry, which is the knack of sensing the history of an object by holding it. By holding an object he could sense the owner, when, where, and how it was made, and whether or not the owner had passed away. Not only could he identify the history of an object, but he could also sense the culture aspects surrounding the object and its owners. Simply by standing over an unexcavated site, he knew the time period, race, and sociological aspects of the oldest remains that lied beneath him. One could see how skills like this could be extremely helpful on a site, as knowing what you are digging for and how to get to is a rarity in the craft. Other psychics used different tools, such as remote viewing, precognitive dreaming, and channeling.

J. Norman Emerson used psychic archaeology in sites such as Queen Charlotte Island, where an argillite carving was discovered, Holland Landing, in which psychometry was used on silver coins, and many other places. McMullen was said by Emerson to be roughly 80% accurate in his findings. Such a high rate of accuracy in the any field is always useful on site, as it can be supplementary to any scientific research.

Within the past century, many have been fighting to have psychic archaeology appreciated as a resourceful practice in the field. The merge of science and intuition may seem unlikely to some, but it has proven to be effective in aiding to the uncovering of ancient societies and their secrets. Many skeptics have been turned to believers after the psychic information given aligned with the cold, hard, scientific facts, and even took it a step farther, mapping out knowledge that would not have been known prior. Hopefully we can use this new source of information as a stepping stone to new and interesting discoveries.

Please leave your opinion in the comments section, as I know many of you have them.

Author Bio

This guest post was written by Hollywood Psychics, a network of psychics who harness their various psychic abilities that have been practiced for generation upon generation to utilize in today’s modern world. Experience this ancient art with the clairvoyant psychic readings provided by this talented network!


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Alan Gripton said...

Is it a subject close to my own experience? Honestly, I do not know. My name is Alan Gripton, my website is www.malvernzodiac.com. I was not/am not an archaeologist, but my discovery of the unique terrestrial zodiac in and around the Malvern Hills, UK, continues to direct my life, it appears to be my raison d'etre. It almost seems as though it was waiting for me, and only me, to find it. However, it is also a case of "be careful what you wish for" ... Does it answer questions concerning the cradle of civilisation? Oh yes, and so much more ... Sumerian literature, Greek pantheism and mythology, Roman literature and eventually the Christ story ... are all based upon my discovery. I wish I could say that it was hard work, the culmination of years of study, but no ... it seems as though the links and the knowledge flowed into my head without asking. Is this a form of psychic archaeology? As I said previously, honestly, I don't know. All I can say (to those that are interested) is: "Do you want to know about Atra-hasis or Gilgamesh? Do you want to know about the Iliad or Argonautica? Do you want to know about the Twelve Labours of Herakles? Do you want to know why St. John was covered in hair and standing in water? Do you want to know if there was a green hill outside the city wall and why there was a thief on either side of the cross? Do you want to know the truth about Thermopylae? Do you want to know the origin of Arth ar pen draig? Ask me, there is no charge.

Cruiselife & Co said...


My question for you is this. Although you might be able to answer questions about the ancient world, do you believe that celestial or extraterrestrial beings built some ancient structures? If you do, how do you explain the series of pyramids all over the world that constitute complete failures in architecture, yet they represent the steps taken to get the job done right?

Alan Gripton said...

Hi Lauren, I do not believe there has been any extra-terrestrial input into human attempts to understand the cosmos, or any outside assistance in their attempt to re-create a little piece of heaven on earth. However, I do believe that the accepted academic timeline of history is way off course - and a few civilisations have risen and fallen without leaving enough tangible evidence to register their existence. The Malvern Zodiac is a small but important example of their train of thought (if that is indeed possible for modern man to even contemplate). The constellations carved into the earth are not a picture of the night sky, it is a completely reversed image, as though it were projected down from the sky. I have no explanation for this other than a form of sky-praise that was adapted to assist in long-distance travel. I completely agree with you that the pyramids appear to be subject to trial and error. I do wonder whether the original concept of such constructions was a natural progression of instinct, such as a child would do with a pile of coloured bricks, or whether the knowledge was passed across the ocean. Do they represent stars or do they represent hills ... or do they represent both (as in the hills and constellations of the Malvern Zodiac)? I can explain much of the graphic allegory found in celebrated ancient literature, from the grapes of wrath to the four horsemen, but there are large gaps in the anthropology I fear will never be filled.

Cruiselife & Co said...


"I do not believe there has been any extra-terrestrial input into human attempts to understand the cosmos." I'm glad you said that, as many archaeologists and anthropologists usually put a label on individuals such as yourself, assuming that one that embarks on the psychics of history, has no evidence to do so.

You're also right that there are gaps, especially if we consider the latest research into the Laetoli footprints and how they are now said to not represent the earliest footprints of our ancestors.

Architecture in archaeology is a perplexing subject, but you made a great point."I do wonder whether the original concept of such constructions was a natural progression of instinct, such as a child would do with a pile of coloured bricks". This is exactly how the process took place, which is why we see so many examples of failed attempts at the pyramids.

Alan Gripton said...

Hi Lauren, glad we agree. Yes, it's difficult to deal with academia, I'm not sure whether I'm fighting scientific thought or simply their need to secure funding ... rocking the boat is frowned upon. There is no doubt that history has been manipulated, highly successful religious subterfuge on a grand scale, countless anomalies boxed and shelved to avoid confusion ... I've lost count of the number of unanswered emails. The sadness is that our collective intelligence has been stifled by those who wished to exert mass control for so long. We can only imagine how advanced we would now be if those Sumerian storytelling priests had decided NOT to wear animal heads and assume the role of go-betweens for the gods ... choosing truth over fiction ... what a world this would be.

Anonymous said...

OK, so why was St. John was covered in hair and standing in water? Do you want to know if there was a green hill outside the city wall and why there was a thief on either side of the cross?Yes.

Unknown said...

Really interesting post! I've always been fascinated by psychic mediums, but the work of George McMullen and Karen Hunt opens a whole new door to the paranormal for me.

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