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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Archaeology News: July 30, 2011


Archaeologists give tentative name to shipwreck

Professional archaeologists may have finally solved the mystery behind a sunken steamboat in Bayou Bartholomew that has intrigued local residents for decades.

Tiny treasure hunters: Camp helps kids explore archaeology

Kids playfully fought over shoebox-sized containers filled with sand and hidden artifacts before settling down to examine their treasures at the Archaeology and Ancient World day camp's Mystery Dig Friday.

Archaeological dig planned for Mountwood

Members of the public will have the chance to participate in an archaeological dig at the former home of oil and gas pioneer WC Stiles Jr. Friends of Mountwood.

Team visits ancient archaeological site in San Fulgencio

A team from the University of Alicante have once again been visiting an ancient archaeological site in San Fulgencio believed to be an important early Iberian settlement.

Crowds out in force to see the past unearthed

OVER 1000 people turned up at an archaeology open day on the site of Doncaster's Civic and Cultural Quarter, at Waterdale. Visitors were given guided tours of the archaeological site and looked at displays.

OCEANSIDE: Library offers archaeology program

The Friends of the Oceanside Public Library hosts Annemarie Cox, education program coordinator of the San Diego Archaeological Center, presenting stories and photos of archaeological sites in North County.

Lewis expert to face ‘bear necessities’ in Viking research project

An expert in North Atlantic Viking settlements, Dr MacLeod Rivett is joining the Helluland Archaeology Project at Cape Tanfield, Baffin Island, on a site occupied over 1000 years ago by Paleo-Eskimos.

From Day of Archaeology’s Bristol Office

I am amazed, really very pleased, by just how many people embraced the idea of Day of Archaeology. Right now we have just under 360 posts published, with the promise of more to come. I’m told the #dayofarch hashtag was used over 900 times on Twitter during the day.


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