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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Archaeologists Travel to Tubuai in Search of Explorers

About 3000 years ago, the Lapita people traveled from Papua New Guinea to the western islands of the Pacific. Two thousand years ago the Micronesians populated the small islands to the northwest. But it wasn’t until the massive expansion, that peoples in east Polynesia experienced one of the greatest periods of voyaging and discovery.

In 2007 a group of archaeologists traveled to Tubuai, an archaic East Polynesian Island, to discover the remains of some of the greatest explorers in human history. This is what they discovered….

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Anonymous said...

boy you really have your information all wrong.chamorros are the first to settle the pacific. no other carbon dateing has bin found in the pacific out dateing settlments in the marianas. new findings recently are going as far back has 6000yrs old or even older try reserching your self then email me at nedrpablo@hotmail.com

Cruiselife & Co said...


You may want to comment on the video creators site here-->

There's actually evidence of Lapita complex society in the Bismarck Archipelago dating from 30K BCE. Also, according to the University of Washington, the Lapita culture represents the archaeological record of the first substantial Austronesian colonization into Melanesia and Polynesia. This video is not entirely about settling, but seafaring.

Consequently, the major prehistoric events leading to the settlement of Polynesia have been examined from various perspectives, and two different models of population movements are proposed. The first of these, dubbed the “express train” model (1), based primarily on archeological and linguistic evidence (2), claims that about 4,000 to 5,000 years B.P. a rapid eastward migration of humans began in Southern China spreading Austronesian language and the associated Lapita culture through the Pacific islands and culminating in the colonization of Polynesia.

There's too many conflicting assumptions about first setters, and your assessment is just one of the many ideas about settlements.

This is not a cut and dry subject, but it's also not my area. Contact the video creator for more opinions if you like.

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