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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ancient Digger Archaeology Featured On Nature Center Magazine

June 6, 2011--Nature Center Magazine just featured Ancient Digger as the Nature Site of the Week.

Emma Springfield writes,

The history of our wildlife and people is wrapped in the past. As we learn more about the past, we learn more about why things are the way they are now.

It's good to know where you come from in order to know where you are going." This is an old Irish saying. It basically means that your ancestors are part of who you are. In the world of nature there are people who study the past. These are the archaeologists and anthropologists. They find remnants of times past, study them, and tell us where we came from.

I'm so honored to be featured at a site which introduces readers to some of the most fascinating nature sites, news articles, videos, and travel guides. Although Ancient Digger does explore a variety of topics outside the realm of nature, the topic of archaeology regularly featured at Ancient Digger Archaeology, couldn't be understood without relying on the contexts of the natural world.

Thanks again to Nature Center Magazine and Emma Springfield for presenting the site of the week in such a professional and artistic manner.


Emma Springfield said...

Thank you for the nice comments. I believe that archaeology has everything to do with nature. I feel that nature is more than trees and wild animals. It is everything that has to do with our environment and that includes past, present, and future of every living thing on the planet and the celestial bodies as well.

Cruiselife & Co said...


I believe that as well. The environment is very powerful, often shaping the entire structure of a civilization and man.

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