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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pyramids of Caral in Coastal Peru

In the mist of finals this week, I was assigned a video which documents the discovery and history of the archaeological site of Caral. If you haven't seen it, this is a short synopsis. Caral is located upstream on the coast of Peru.

Situated in the Supe River valley, Caral has a number of large buildings including the temple and circular sunken courts. Most likely there were irrigation canals enabling them to farm the arid lands around the river.

"The inhabitants of Caral, despite living many miles from the ocean, ate an enormous amount of sea food in their diet. They probably traded their agricultural crops for the marine resources obtained by people living in coastal towns and villages. Despite the large buildings and evidence for long-distance exchange in the Preceramic, there are no tombs or even elaborate houses".~Dr. Barber

Caral is unique in that is disproves Carneiro's warfare theory. In fact, no evidence has ever been found indicating warfare sparked the emergence of social complexity at this archaeologysite.

Watch this series about Caral as I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much I did.

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Tony said...

Great series of videos, thanks for that. I live in Peru but I haven't made it to Caral yet. There still isn't much interest in the site in terms of tourism, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I guess there's still a lot to excavate... Not sure what the funding is like.

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