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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Classical Archaeology Podcasts from Indiana Jen

April 30, 2011- Indiana Jen is operated by Jennifer Locket who is a Classical Archaeologist by training and is currently teaching history to bright, young students at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, TX.

If you enjoy Classical archaeology as much I do, you'll thoroughly enjoy her podcasts featuring the Roman Empires' first emperor  Augustus who changed the landscape of Rome and furthermore is a model of morality, spreading this message via new laws. Jennifer has also conveniently included the history of Trajan and Hadrian, Ancient Eats, Republican Architecture, among many other Classical topics.

If you have a moment, make sure to check out Indiana Jen. For those of you Classical Archaeology majors and hopefuls, these podcasts are an excellent source for gaining understanding of the Classics.


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