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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Geoglyphology, A New Tool for the Archaeologist

Contributed By Arthur D. Faram

Over the past several years The Faram Foundation has been involved in the research and development of a new and emerging science. That science has been named Geoglyphology. Research has shown that this science has the power to rewrite history as we know it. During our research it was discovered that civilizations have secretly passed down a legacy of geoglyphs on the shores and highlands of land masses around the world. A well known example of this is the Nazca Lines in Peru. The reason the Nazca lines and other Geoglyphs were not discovered until recently is that they are too large to be seen from the ground. And so it is with most geoglyphs.

Until now the majority of the information available to the Archeologist is gleaned from the information recovered at the dig site. We discovered that a great majority of the ancient architectural, monolithic and geoglyphic structures built around the world had something in common. That commonality is that the structures were aligned in such a manner that the study of their linear alignment unveils a much larger story and immensely expands the data available to the archeologist and the related disciplines.

Extensive research on these geoglyphs, which exist on every continent and many islands around the world, have shown that, no matter when or where they were constructed, they all tie into a worldwide network of civilizations that have progressed, prospered and suffered setbacks for millennia. These glyphs range in age from the 10,000 year old Yonaguni Pyramid in Japan, to the 250 year old streets of Washington, DC USA.

Data recovered from these studies includes obtaining the geographical range of the culture being studied, the level of sophistication that existed in relation to their understanding of mathematics and geometry, their knowledge of world geography, the discovery of other archeological sites that were unknown prior to the studies, and the dating of the culture itself by the data collected at the offsite locations and the sophistication of the geoglyphs identified at the other dig sites.

It is our mission to assist the Archaeologist, and the related disciplines, in identifying any collateral data related to the dig site that might assist the Archaeologist in understanding the culture, or in expanding the search area.

More information can be obtained at: http://www.thefaramfoundation.com .

Arthur Faram's Biography

Arthur Faram was born in Fort Worth, Texas and moved with his parents, at the age of 13, to California. He later graduated from high school in Anaheim California. After graduation he joined the Marine Corps, serving 9 years and receiving the Purple Heart in Vietnam. When discharged from the military he was employed as a Computer Analyst and Certified Cartographer by the US Government. Upon retirement Arthur finished College and attended Law School to prepare himself for starting his own business.
Now that Arthur is retired he has the time to research the stories that his grandfather told him about the Faram family when they lived in England. He not only found out that the stories were true but was led into a family history that is more amazing than anything he could have imagined. It was while compiling and verifying his family history that he discovered the Geoglyphs which now form the nucleus of his research.


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