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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Colonial Fort Discovered in St. Augustine

Only miles form where I live, there's always archaeological digs going on in St. Augustine, one of my favorite cities on earth. Of course, the greatest attractions for tourists, historians, and archaeologists alike in St. Augustine are the Castillo De San Marco and Fort Matanzas. Imagine my surprise to hear that a new colonial fort may be uncovered in the next few weeks, as archaeologist Carl Halbirt and a team of volunteers is uncovering the remains.

 A St. Augustine archaeologist and a team of archaeology volunteers believe they've found a piece of colonial history. A site dug up to make way for a new trolley station has uncovered some interesting finds.

St. Augustine's city archaeologist, Carl Halbirt, says post holes and soil stains at the site indicate it may be one of the area's earliest wooden forts. Also discovered at the site are intact glass bottles, an ornate candlestick holder, shards of pottery, plates and animal remains. Halbirt believes it take another several weeks to be sure what they've found.

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