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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Week With Photographer Landon Walker and 1149 Productions in Scotland Continues

Ancient Digger has had an amazing response to Landon Walker's black and white photography. I plan to share his work throughout the week, as it's a glorious breath of fresh air, and a break for me as I have several exams this week. *smile*

Landon is also the drummer for 1149 productions, a band I met maybe close to a year ago on Twitter. I have to confess, every time I'm studying for a test, I usually slip in their CD "Infinite Garden", featuring my favorite song At the Gates of Rossyln. It's just another reason why I have such a fascination with Scotland and its history.

Courtyard in Iona Abbey

Inside Iona Abbey

Inside Kilmore Church

Altar Inside Kilmore

Stain Glassed Window in Kilmore Church Depicting Christ and Mary Magdalene

This picture, of course, creates a lot of controversy. Christ is depicted in a loving embrace with his wife, Mary Magdalene. Many, however, believe this to be his mother. Although the woman is already pregnant in the panel. Open to interpretation I suppose.

Castle on an island on route to Mull

Druid Stone Circle more than 3000 yrs old

Who is Landon Walker?

My name is Landon Walker and I have lived in the U.S. Pacific Northwest my whole life with dreams of moving to Scotland someday. I first picked up photography in my late teens and simply ran with it. Through school courses, ample amounts of reading and online research, I have developed (and still am developing) a skill and passion that I will pursue my whole life.

My dream is to travel the world with my camera and to capture life in the many different lifestyles that God has blessed our diverse world with.

I seek God in all areas of my life and my love of photography and traveling comes nowhere near the love I have for the Father. I am blessed that He has given me an eye for photography and I thank Him for allowing me to pursue my passion for spirituality and art. I am a God fearing artist who loves life and will continue to capture its beauty not only through my lens, but through my very being as well.

Meet 1149 Productions

My hope is to see 1149 become multi-faceted to promote all the sacred arts and use such giftings to bless others. ~Mary Gunderson

Vocals/Composition: Mary Gunderson
Composition/Piano: Shaun Poore
Vocals: Nicole Walker
Drums/Photography: Landon Walker
Bass Guitar: Colin Walker
Video/Graphics: Rachael Gunderson

These inspiring individuals are the Worship team for "The Oneness Foundation" in NW Washington. Their beliefs are all-encompassing of all truths found in all religions.
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