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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amateur Archaeologist Leonard Blake

Many of you will shutter at the fact that this delightful man, Leonard Blake, has never had any formal training or the fact that's he's not paid to do what he does. Hopefully, you've chosen archaeology because you love it, not because you actually want money for digging post holes in a neighborhood or holes in the desert all day long. Ok, so we all want a little compensation for digging holes, but Leonard Blake never had that expectation.

Leonard had an everyday job, his business being stocks and bonds. He watched the professionals and took the information in like a sponge, learning as much, if not more that the professional archaeologists themselves. Using feet and inches to measure his dig sites, not the one meter by one meter areas we use today, Blake sifted through the remnants of history like a pro.

You have to watch this video about Leonard Blake. As an amateur or professional archaeologist, you'll appreciate Blake's drive and ambition.

Leonard Blake 1903-2001

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