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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holocaust Cartoon On Iranian Site

I'm not accustomed to putting politically incorrect text on the Ancient Digger, but this made me very angry, especially considering my personal heritage.

Over the course of one year, I have attended several Jewish Heritage Festivals and I've also done in depth studies on the History of the Holocaust, several times throughout my schooling. I appreciate my family history and I certainly know enough about it to to view this story as a complete fallacy.

One Iranian website has taken it too far, once again calling the Holocaust a complete fabrication. I thought we were past this and I though there was enough evidence to prove that the Holocaust actually happened. Am I naive in thinking this?

The version of the slaughter of six million Jews by their Nazi persecutors during World War II is called "the great lie" by the site, which recounts its version of events in cartoon form.
Displaying images of bearded large-nosed figures, the site aims to denounce the Holocaust as a "lie with which the Palestine occupier Zionists have justified their occupying of Palestine and lots of other crimes for years." In one image, A Jew is tied to a chair on a movie set as a canister of Zyklone-B is dropped through the roof of the gas chamber.

The site is sponsored by the Khakriz Cultural Institute, and is "dedicated to those killed under the pretext of the Holocaust." The imagery is like taking a trip back to Nazi occupied Germany and seeing the hundreds upon thousands of propaganda. It's unsettling and unnecessary!

I refuse to link to the site, as I can not and will not agree with their approach on the matter.

I want to hear from you? What are your opinions about this?

Sited Info (adnkronosinternational) This is not the Iranian Site

Iran's Ahmadinejad Interview With Peter Jennings on Holocaust


This is an interview between Peter Jennings and Ahmadinejad about whether the Palestines believe the Holocaust actually happened. It's about anger, jealousy, self determination, safety, and women's rights. It's about recognizing an event that meant so much to so many Jews and so little to Palestinians.


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