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Friday, June 18, 2010

Heinrich Himmler, Nazi Occultism , and Astrology

Heinrich Himmler, the notoriously ruthless chief of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) and one of the most compelling Nazi’s, embodied the true occultist and was enamored by unorthodox theories inspired by astronomer, Hans Horbiger’s cosmic influence of the world ice theory.

As well as his personal astrologist, Wilhelm Wulff, Horbiger’s hypothesis derived from his notion that a block of ice had hit the sun and created a volatile explosion. The sun’s rotation spewed out molten matter, thereby creating the milky way, our solar system. There was no science to support this outlandish theory then, even contrary exact science of the day defied this extraordinary theory.

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jo oliver said...

I am fascinated with Nazi history. It is no surprise the outlandish occultism and odd beliefs that Himmler had...I mean it takes a pretty sadistic and wackoo personality to watch people being rounded up, tortured, and mass murdered. Himmler was one sick puppy. I do find it ironic that astrology was banned in Nazi Germany, well that is, unless the astrology "aided" the Nazi cause that is;)

Richard Wing said...

Lauren, much thanks and appreciation to post this on your amazing website here on The Ancient Digger. I'm very flattered and honoured to be in such great company. Cheers!

Jena Isle said...

I like your new theme. Long time no read. That's a fact that some people cannot come to terms with. Nazism and the beautiful discoveries of science.

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