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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rene Descartes: I Think, Therefore I am

Joachim and Jeanne Brochard lived in La Haye, in the Touraine region of France. Jeanne gave birth to Rene Descartes on March 31, 1596. Unfortunately, Jeanne died a few days later of tuberculosis. Rene Descartes inherited the disease from his mother, exhibiting pale skin and weak behavior. The physician gave Descartes no chance for survival.

Fortunately for the world, Rene Descartes lived. Descartes received a Jesuit education at Jesuit College of La Fleche. At age seventeen Descartes went to the University of Poitiers. Descartes received degrees in civil and canon law. In 1618, Descartes became healthy enough to enlist in the army of Prince Maurice of Nassau. Read the entire article about Rene Descartes on Factoidz

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Richard Wing said...

Yes, I really enjoyed this slice of history on a very interesting figure.

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