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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Do Archaeologists Afford to Travel All Over the World For Digs?

Starting in August, I will begin a grueling 4 semesters of 13 courses on my way to completing a Ph. D. When I say on my way I mean I still have a long road and many years left to complete. The difference these next two years will bring is that I will be traveling much more and hopefully studying abroad during the summer at Oxford. So is it possible to actually find coupons for airfare and still get discounts on top of that with the travel sites? The answer is yes.

Depending on where I or possibly you as an archaeologist plan to travel to, there are several airlines that go out of their way to make sure you book with them first. Personally, there's only one airline I use for personal travel and to fly my mom here to Florida and  that's Southwest. No matter if it's a spur of the moment family vacation or you're just looking for discounts for your next dig a few months early, I suggest looking online for Southwest coupons.

There are several digs going in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Spain that I'm looking into through the Archaeological Institute of America. Those digs however cost a substantial amount of money and I'm still only a student working as a freelance writer and on financial aid. The digs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars  to thousands and that doesn't include airfare. Airfare isn't cheap, especially when in my case I'm flying out of Florida. So what options do I have?

I consider myself a pretty savvy computer geek, so I did what do best and that's surf the net for hours to find ways to save money on travel. Since some of you don't have the luxury I have this summer to write for 12 hours a day, I'm going to share some resources I found. Resources I plan on using!

Southwest Packages-Any combination of theme park, hotel, and airfare you can think of is included on this site. Over 40% in savings on some tickets and deep discounts for hotel rooms.

Orbitz Deals-Save up to 50% on travel packages including airfare.

Look around the site and see how much you can save as an avid traveler. It took me hours just to find a site that I trusted enough to print out coupons and codes that I know the airlines will honor.


Leah said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your studies.

Mike Golch said...

I think that is one of the reasons that I never wanted to be an archaeologist.Unless you finad a good sugar daddy of momma.

Pastor Larry said...

I usually have to save for two or three years to make a summer dig but it is worth it.

Mandy said...

Wow! Good luck with your studies! And can I just say that if you do make it to Oxford, I am so going to track you down for a cup of tea!

Cruiselife & Co said...

Thanks for the comment and well wished.

I'm with you there. I'm trying everything I can save and make money.

I know it will be much easier if I find someone to support my cause. Right now though, I'm saving anyway I know how.


I'm with you. I love tea. I drink it all day when I'm blogging. Not this summer but next I will be there. I already started saving up my funds.


You crack me up. I can't wait. Only a year to wait, but that gives me time to save money.

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