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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Face of Jesus Revealed

History Channel just recently revealed a 3D image of the face of Jesus Christ, using evidence found on the Shroud of Turin. However, since the Shroud of Turin has always been cloaked in mystery, one wonders how realistic the image is. Reporters took the streets, and even to the Vatican, to see what people's reactions were to 3D image of Jesus Christ.

Check out the video and see what people said.


Pastor Larry said...

I doubt very much that this was the face of Jesus or that it was his burial cloth.

Bo Jack Russo said...

I've seen the Shroud of Turin before on the History Channel a couple times in the past, not a 3-D version,it looks like what we might expect though, interesting post, Bo

Jen said...

I saw part of this the other night. I don't think it is Jesus' face but the process of putting it together was fascinating.

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