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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Award: History Student of the Year

Besides the hilarious picture of me not smiling, missing my neck, and looking like a complete goof, you can rest assured I was still very happy for the honor.

Today I received the History Student of the Year Award at Daytona State College. This is of course a small step towards my Ph.D, but it always helps when you know your professors have great faith in your abilities.

Pictured here is my fiance, who won the award for math student of the year. He was chosen out of 23,000 people, so yes, he's pretty good at math.

Part of the reason I was chosen was for all of my work in Western Civilization over the past year. I typically try to give guidance to the students that have never had the professor that I've had for a year now.It's a very challenging class, and although many of us have been required to take this class in our early years, the college course is much more in depth.

I feel so honored by my professor, Mr. McKeown, and the entire history department. Thanks again for this great honor.


Admin said...

What an amazing achievement! I really don't know where you get all the time to fit everything is - your Doctorate, your websites and then just generally being the presence you are on the internet. What can I say? Hats off to Lauren!

So, when are we going to get to call you Doctor?

Bo Jack Russo said...

Right on Lauren, congrats to you other half too, 23,000! That a lot of people!

Caroline said...

Congratulations to you both.

Caroline xxx

I do not know beneath what sky
Nor on what seas shall be thy fate;
I only know it shall be high,
I only know it shall be great.

Ishtar said...

You don't look goofy! You look very nice ...and happy!



Cruiselife & Co said...


Soon, very soon I hope. RJ, you were one of the first people I met online. I think it's been over two years now. You have been a great supporter of me and wonderful mentor. Where do I find the time you may ask? lol-I don't, I just force myself to juggle everything and I think it makes me stronger.


Thank so much Bo. You've always been so supportive of me, and I try my best to be the same with you. You have so many wonderful qualities and that really shows.


I just met you, and already, I fell like we are becoming great friends. I think it's amazing that you were inspired by me to go back to school for archeology. It's people like you that makes all of this hard work worth it.


My tweeting friend.You are right, I am very happy. Sometimes I have to remind myself what I have been through, and what kind of person it has made me. Thanks again for your support.

Bo Jack Russo said...

You know I've been trying to create a link to post this on mine and it's not working right now. It's there on my blog roll but I wanted to post it big before it's gone.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Many, many, congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.

Rick (Ratty) said...

Getting an award like that sounds like a very special achievement, for both of you. Congratulations on both.

Anonymous said...

Well, Lauren, that's a great achievement, and I'm so happy for you! Congrats to both of you!

jo oliver said...

Congrats :))))))))))))))))))))))

What an accomplishment. I'm so proud of you and all your dedication and hard work. BTW- you don't look goofy. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

Glynis Peters said...

What an amazing thing to achieve. You deserve it Lauren, your hard work with quality articles has paid off.

Well done to your fiance too!

I can see your smile from here. I hope you celebrated in style!

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