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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Kryptos Sculpture at the CIA in Virginia

The Kryptos sculpture created by Jim Sanborn located in the front of the CIA building in Virginia has fascinated cryptologists for years. In fact, in Dan Brown's latest interviews about his new book "The Lost Symbol", he remarks that's it's one of his favorite sculptures.

The sculpture has a series of letters on it that may appear random, however they're not random at all. Although some cryptologists have stated they have solved several of the codes, that is in fact, a half truth. The only man alive that knows the meaning of the random letters is William Webster, the director of the CIA in 1990.

W.W. was given the key to the code, and up until now, he has never shared exactly what it meant. In fact, not one of the cryptologists at the CIA has ever cracked the entire code of the Kryptos.

This information, of course, it built upon the previous studies of the mysterious symbols of the founding fathers. Is the key to the mysteries in this sculpture another clue or is it just another bend in the road?


Rick (Ratty) said...

Very interesting. It's the first time I remember seeing this sculpture, though it seems oddly familiar. I really like the shape.

australian job search said...

What is the Kryptos sculpture and cyphers by Jim Sanborn?

Cruiselife & Co said...

To the last comment, that has never been determined. Only the director in the 90's knows the answer to that. All of the information given on the Wikipedia page has no foundation, as far as what Dan Brown has said.

littlewillie@gmail.com said...

Wild Bill Donovan and THE OSS
(Office of Strategic Services)
predecessor to CIA.
"it relates to OUR PAST"

so, Kryptos is THE LATEST/NEWEST
in Washington....

post this UP and see who denies it.....
kryptos abscissa palimpsest

kryptos basic as simple past

anagram the above...YOU ((KNOW))
better than to believe in
so , am i correct???? yup
aka MSMAGNOLIA@hushmail.com
2010 may 20...

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