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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Nazi Gold Hoard

In 1949, General Patten's army was closing in on Berlin. On April 8th, members of the 282nd Combat Engineer Battalion blasted into a mysterious room in Merkers Mine. They discovered gold stacked knee high, personal possessions, suitcases with metal, a Renoir painting, Rafael, Rembrandt, and many more finds.

Olly Seeds takes viewers into the the Merkers Mine where over $500 million dollars worth of art, gold, gold teeth from war victims, and several other archaeological pieces were found. Today, the Nazi hoard would be valued at over $50 billion dollars.

Check out the video featured on Discovery Channel about the Nazi Hoard at Merkers Mine.


Mike Golch said...

I would like to watch this but it will not play for me.

Cruiselife & Co said...

Is it the youtube video or the Discovery one? Maybe you need to let it load. Or, is the video just not showing up at all?

John | Make Nothing Online said...

Both videos play fine here. Fascinating and also sick how they looted most of Europe :-(

By the way I just posted a double award for you :-)

RS Wing said...

The Video is working. Unbelievable.....50 billion dollars of worth and history. The Nazi's were not just war mongers, but outright thieves and hoarders, something I thought their ideaology despised. Sure glad it was found. Great presentation and interesting piece.

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